Scales and volumetric fillers

Fillers enable precise filling of a package with the given portion of a liquid product. We specialize in filling cans, buckets, canisters, as well as barrels and IBC containers. We offer a wide range of solutions, from the simplest semi-automatic devices to fully automatic filling lines with operation reduced to a minimum. Our devices are used for packaging paints, varnishes, solvents, stains, oil colours, lubricating oils, ready-made plasters and many other liquids. For flammable products, we make devices which may work within the zones of explosion hazard in accordance with the ATEX directive.

Weighing and packaging machines

Weighing and packaging machines are used for packing loose materials to open bags. Accurate and fast weighing of the set portion provides, first for all, saving time and the packed goods. We produce weighing and packaging machines with gravitational filling, a worm feeder or a belt feeder. The selection also includes weighing and packaging machines weighing the product directly in the package or in an additional intermediate container. An appropriate solution is selected according to the requirements of the customer and the characteristics of the packed product. Packing lines can be additionally, equipped with devices for closing the bags, such as staplers or heat sealing machines.

Scales for filling big-bags

Big-bag filling scales are used for filling big-bags with a precisely measured number of loose materials. The set portion is measured automatically by a two-step filling system. Depending on a material, it is possible to use two-stage dampers or properly controlled screw or belt feeders.  Filled bags are collected with forklift trucks or transported on pallets using roller or chain conveyors. For automation of the filling process, scales can be equipped with a pneumatic clamp of the filling sleeve and with systems for automatic release of the bag harnesses, as well as an automatic pallet feeder.

Packaging lines

Our filling devices such as fillers, weighing and packaging machines or scales for filling big-bags may be supplemented by additional devices and combined into automatic product packaging lines. Complete lines are made according to the needs of our customers. Equipment may include conveyors and buffer tables for empty and full packages, various transport routes, automatic feeders of caps or lids, positioning, closing, controlling devices and many others. We also make packaging lines working within the zones of explosion hazard in accordance with the ATEX directive.

Additional equipment of filling lines

We supplement the existing lines by additional roll, belt, chain conveyors. We produce buffer tables - rotary and with a modular tape, feeders of lids, feeders of caps, devices pressing the lids and pressing or screwing the caps. We undertake modernization and adjustment of the line to new packages. Our engineers will gladly listen to your problems and suggest a solution.

Special scales

Our offer is supplemented by specialized products by other companies used by our companies in various weighing applications, as well as special versions of scales adapted to customer requirements. We offer crane scales suspended on cranes or gantries, manual pallet trucks with integrated scales, scales put on forklifts, scales put under the wheels and platform scales intended for operation in zones threatened with explosion – with the ATEX certificate. We install weight measurement sensors under tanks and mixers, and combine scales systems with industrial automation systems.